• MIG Welding Torch

    MIG Welding Torch
    Not all MIG Welding Torches are created equal. When it comes to purchasing a MIG Welding Torch and the on-going consumables, it can often not be a great deal of thought. However, the wrong choice could have a profound effect on your welding process and could affect the welding equipment’s performance. MIG Welding Torches are the most handled piece of equipment during the MIG welding process and they are exposed to the worst working environments and abuse. This can often have a significant impact on the weld quality, productivity and increase the operator’s downtime. It is...
  • Plasma torch

    Plasma torch
    A plasma torch (also known as a plasma arc, plasma gun, plasma cutter, or plasmatron) is a device for generating a directed flow of plasma.The plasma jet can be used for applications including plasma cutting, plasma arc welding, plasma spraying, and plasma gasification for waste disposal. Types of thermal plasma torches Thermal plasmas are generated in plasma torches by direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), radio-frequency (RF) and other discharges. DC torches are the most commonly used and researched, because when compared to AC: "there is less flicker generation and noise, a more stable operation, better...
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